Published reports in the Virginian Pilot newspaper for the weekend of May 19-20, 2007 included reports of numerous automobile and motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. As a personal injury lawyer from Virginia Beach, I deal with wrongful death and serious injury cases everyday. However, I am still blown away after over 25 years of practice at how car crashes cause so much injury and death every weekend in our local cities like Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Newport News.

In Chesapeake, a woman from Glen Allen, Virginia (VA) was killed when her vehicle over turned with her and two children as passengers. The two children were also hurt in this wreck and were rushed to Norfolk General Hospital. Another one vehicle wreck occurred in Virginia Beach over the weekend requiring a medical helicopter to air lift a patient with injuries. On Sunday night, a Chesapeake man was pronounced dead at the scene of a wreck in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) where his motorcycle had a collision with a pick-up truck. Apparently the motorcyclist was struck in a T-bone fashion as the truck pulled out from a stop sign. In Suffolk, Virginia (VA) near the North Carolina (NC) border a wreck occurred where the vehicle ran into a power line damaging it. This tractor trailer collision knocked out power to residents for sometime.

These wrecks with injuries and death were just the ones I happen to notice Monday morning and don’t even include the injuries and death which occurred in automobile accidents on the Peninsula in places like Hampton, Virginia (VA), Newport News, Virginia (VA), Williamsburg, Virginia (VA), and Gloucester, Virginia (VA). These published reports also don’t include those auto accident injuries that weren’t spectacular enough to make the paper, but where people may have been seriously injured. All these collisions occurred on a single average weekend in Hampton Roads, Virginia (VA).

My advice to any driver is to drive defensively and have the phone number of a good personal injury lawyer in case you or a family member gets hurt in a car crash. By deciding in advance who you would call in such an emergency you are in a better position to protect yourself and be better prepared for the situation where you are involved in an automobile accident.