My colleague, Rick Shapiro reported case results about personal injuries to victims rear-ended by a drunk driver in Vienna, VA.

Four friends were driving near the driver’s home when they were suddenly and violently smashed in the rear by a forty year old driver with two teenagers in the car. When the police came to the scene they detected a strong odor of alcohol permeated the woman who was the driver who rear ended our clients’ car. After field sobriety tests were given, the female driver of the other car was charged with second offense drunk driving/DUI. She had her own teenage daughter in the car along with a friend of her teenage daughter!  Not a great example.

Our clients all were hurt, some were forced out of work, and besides helping with the medical and lost wage issues, we needed to get to the bottom of this other driver’s drunk driving and learned it was a second offense!  Read the entire story under our case results about this drunk driver and how we maximized our client’s cases, especially involving potential “punitive damages.”