Medication Error That Seriously Injured Woman Leads to Confidential Settlement | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

What Happened

Our Virginia medical malpractice client experienced instantaneous and severe adverse reactions when she received an injection of improper medications. She was undergoing a diagnostic procedure when a health care provider administered the wrong drug.

The woman required several additional medical interventions to treat internal injuries caused by the medication error. She also had to spend time in the hospital for monitoring and recovery.

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Key Legal Strategy

The victim of the medication error hired our Virginia medical malpractice law firm when the insurance company for the health care provider refused to settle her injury claims. We then retained the services of pharmacy experts who identified acts of negligence that harmed our client. Those findings convinced us to file a medical malpractice lawsuit,

The initial round of pretrial discovery finally convinced the health care provider and insurance company to offer a settlement that our client accepted. The confidential agreement prevented a trial.

Giving the wrong drug or wrong dose to the wrong patient can lead to permanent disabilities or death. Holding negligent doctors, nurses and pharmacists accountable for committing errors that harm patients is a principal mission for our Virginia medical practice attorneys.

Court and Date: Portsmouth Circuit Court, Portsmouth, VA, 2007

Staff: Randall E. Appleton, attorney