Knee Injury and Complications From Reparative Surgeries Following Car Crash Merit $350,000 Settlement | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

What Happened

Our Virginia personal injury client was driving his minivan in Virginia Beach when another person hit his vehicle. The at-fault driver collided with our client while attempting to make a left turn.

The crash left our client with a fractured left knee cap and multiple abrasions and contusions. The soft-tissue injuries healed relatively quickly, but the car crash victim required a complete knee reconstruction.

The first set of hardware used to repair our client’s knee caused him considerable pain and needed to be removed. Subsequently, the man underwent several additional orthopedic surgeries to ensure that he was able to walk without assistance.


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Key Legal Strategy

The car crash victim who hired our Virginia Beach-based personal injury law firm worked as an auto mechanic and carried limited health insurance. Healing from the accident caused by the driver who failed to yield right of way while making a left-hand turn forced him to miss several months of work without pay. Additionally, medical bills from the knee surgeries totaled well over $100,000.

The insurance company for the at-fault driver did not contest their policyholder’s responsibility for causing the accident and our client’s injuries. This allowed our personal injury lawyer to request the start of settlement negotiations almost immediately.

The case settled without ever coming close to going to trail, and our client required $350,000.

Concerns over hospital and therapy expenses loom large following any serious traffic accident. Lost wages from time spent out work can also make it difficult to resume living a normal life after becoming the victim of a negligent or reckless driver difficult. This is why we, as Virginia Beach-based personal injury attorneys, fight to recover all types of available monetary damages for our clients.

Court and Date: Virginia Beach Circuit Court, Virginia Beach, VA, 2003

Staff: Staff attorney