Settlement Reached for Wintergreen Ski Accident Injury | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Rick Shapiro settled a case on behalf of a child who was badly injured in a ski accident that took place at Wintergreen. Our client was a young girl who was skiing with her parents.  While she was skiing with her mother, they were stationary on a ski slope when a reckless snowboarder careened down and across the ski run plowing into them. The impact of the collision was severe and the young girl suffered a fractured leg.

This incident was witnessed by at least two other skiers who gave their statements to ski patrol. An important fact was revealed in their statements – the careless snowboarder involved in the collision had a history of reckless behavior. They indicated that he had a history of barreling out of control more than once on the ski slope prior to the collision with our client.

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Identifying Insurance Coverage Key to Securing Financial Restitution for a Client 

The father of the young girl contacted our law firm for representation. Rick Shapiro took the case and investigated where the 20-year-old snowboarder resided to determine the likelihood that a homeowner’s policy might be in place. Rick discovered that the 20-year-old lived with his parents, and accordingly the parent’s homeowner’s policy would provide coverage against any negligent conduct of both the parents and any “resident relatives.” Rick them filed a claim on this policy and a settlement was eventually reached to provide financial restitution for our clent’s harms and losses.

Our law firm successfully settled the minor’s case for $140,000, which was placed in a structured settlement until the age of 18, and will begin paying out over a number of years.


$140,000 Settlement