Our Virginia railroad law firm regularly takes on Amtrak and other passenger railroads with regard to claims where people got hurt because of negligence by the people running the trains.  If you or a family member is ever hurt or worse, killed, on an Amtrak or Metro train, it is critical that you keep all important information and documents to show what happened.  In the case of the recent D.C. Metrorail train wreck where one 6-car train crashed into the back of another, there are hundreds of people on those trains.  When the claims come rolling in, as they will, for people who got hurt, the first thing that the insurance company and claims agents will demand is proof that the person was in fact on the train at the time of the disaster. 

I’m always offended when I’m representing someone in this situation and the company adjuster says prove that you were a commuter that day, as if my client is a liar who claims to have been on the train when they weren’t.  However, the thing to do is to save your fare card, ticket or other proof that you in fact were on Metro on that Monday at 5:00 p.m. during rush hour at the time of the disaster.  The Metro swipe cards or SmarTrip ticket will have some electronic or other proof that you were there.  So, make sure that when you go see an injury lawyer you have kept this information and bring it to them.