Testimonial for trip and fall injury clientBelow is a testimonial from one of our trip and fall injury clients.  To read more reviews from our clients, please click here.

“I am a Flight Attendant for a major airline and chose Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan as my counsel.

Mr. Richard Shapiro was able to understand the complex situation of my aviation case and put together an aggressive litigation strategy.  We were able to file a compelling complaint and force opposing counsel, who represented [a large] manufacturer of aircrafts, and was represented by one of the largest law firms in New York, to make a substantial settlement offer shortly thereafter. 

I am truly impressed by Mr. Shapiro and his result-oriented approach.  I have high regard for Mr. Shapiro’s expertise and have recommended him to other associates of the airline industry and personal friends.”-Flight Attendant, Name Withheld
Attorney: Rick Shapiro