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Auto accidents usually occur in the blink of an eye and leave the victims reeling. The force of impact can leave people shocked or stunned and severe injuries can go unnoticed for hours, days, or weeks at a time. Driver negligence is one of the top causes of automobile accidents in and around Corolla, North Carolina (NC). “Negligence” refers to another driver’s failure to act reasonably, drive safely, and/or follow the rules of the road. NC mapEvery driver in NC owes a duty of care to other drivers on the road. That includes other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and anyone else in the vicinity. When drivers behave negligently, they breach that duty. As a result, they should be held legally accountable for the harms and losses they cause. Automobile accidents carry significant financial costs and they can also have a severe impact on your emotional wellbeing and your quality of life. Major auto accidents can turn your whole world upside down. Some can even claim the life of someone you love. You deserve to be compensated for these harms and losses. While the law can never undo the terrible experience you’ve endured, it can make sure that you’re given the financial resources you need to compensate for the accident and move on with your life.

How to Proceed After a Car Crash in North Carolina

Car accidents occur every day. Unfortunately, a serious auto accident may not just damage your car. A serious car accident can result in catastrophic injuries or even a wrongful death. If you have been involved in an auto accident, there are several things that you should do:

  • Call For Help – Make sure that you and any other people involved in the car accident are all right. Contact the police so they can assist in the auto accident process, and help determine who is liable for the auto accident.
  • Collect Information – You need to obtain all the vehicle and contact information from all drivers and passengers in the other vehicles involved in the automobile accident.
  • Find Witnesses – If there is anybody who witnessed the car accident, get their contact information. A witness testimony of your auto accident could be very helpful during the settlement of your car accident insurance claim.
  • Contact a Corolla Car Accident Lawyer – An experienced auto accident attorney will be invaluable in assisting you when filing your auto accident claim.

Unfortunately, many people wait after their auto accident to find out if they can handle insurance adjusters themselves; fearing a car accident lawyer may be too expensive. This can often result in costs that far exceed the cost of a reliable auto accident attorney. Also, there can be many confusing rules and regulations involved with filing an auto accident claim. You may have to review past medical records or file your claim in a certain amount of time.

An experienced Corolla car accident lawyer will assist you throughout the entire auto accident claim process. 

The Auto Insurance Companies are Not Your Friend

Accident victims are sometimes tempted to hold off on contacting a lawyer so they can try talking things out with an insurance adjuster first. This is a huge mistake. The auto insurance claims adjusters are not on your friends. They do not represent your best interests. Their objective is to pay you as little as possible. Be very careful about what you say to an adjuster, and never accept a settlement offer without consulting an experienced car accident lawyer first. Remember: insurance rules, policies, and procedures are complicated. Even for experienced and educated policyholders, it’s very easy to get confused or make a mistake. This is why it is so important to speak to an attorney and get their advice and counsel.

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Our team of experienced Corolla car accident attorneys possess decades of experience in handling auto accidents throughout Northeast North Carolina. We have an office located on 8 Juniper Trail in Kitty Hawk.  Give us a call to schedule a free, confidential case review. If you call and cannot get through due to high call volume, leave a message and an attorney with our firm will contact you right away. We know how important maximum financial compensation is for you and your family. Our legal team will work hard to leave no stone unturned in pursuing everything you deserve. Our North Carolina auto accident attorneys will treat you and your family with the fairness and respect you deserve. We do not charge for our legal services unless there is a successful outcome in your case (e.g., settlement or jury verdict).     The Outer Banks (OBX) is a 200-mile-long string of barrier islands and spits off the coast of Northeastern North Carolina (NC), on the east coast of the United States. The Outer Banks are a major tourist destination known for beautiful unspoiled beaches and great fishing,  and the Wright brothers’ first flight in a controlled, powered, heavier-than-air vehicle took place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on December 07, 1903, at Kill Devil Hills, located not far from our North Carolina personal injury law firm’s office in Kitty Hawk, NC.  The Outer Banks area includes Currituck and Dare counties and these cities and towns:  Carova Beach, Corolla, Knotts Island, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, Manteo, Wanchese, Cape Hatteras, Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo, Avon, Buxton, Frisco, Hatteras & Okracoke.