Networking and Trial Tactics | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

In order to stay on the leading edge of personal injury law, all of the firm’s personal injury attorneys in Virginia Beach are active in local, state, and national personal injury trial law organizations including the Virginia Trial Lawyers, the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, the American Association for Justice, the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys, National Trial Lawyers, the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and similar organizations.  These organizations have group online email lists that allow membership to exchange information that can make a difference in a personal injury case.   Also, as a 21st Century law firm, we do not rely solely on paper documents and testimony when presenting a case to a jury. Instead, we retain the services of forensic animators, videographers, and computer specialists to produce compelling evidence that will persuade a jury to award maximum damages. Some of the cutting-edge evidence we can create includes:

  • Professionally-recorded video depositions

Utilizing video technology allows us to bring an expert’s testimony to life and leave a lasting impression on the jury.

  • Cutting-edge Power Point presentations

Our attorneys are adept at taking complicated legal rules and distilling them down to easy-to-digest standards and rules of the road. Simplifying the case makes it easier for a jury to comprehend the full extent of your harms and losses. We can also use presentation graphics to better illustrate the damage caused by a traumatic brain injury, back and spinal cord injury, quadriplegia and paraplegia, amputations, and/or burns.

  • 3-D animation

Our team is able to utilize measurements, photographs, drawings, X-rays and other data to create 3-D computer animations that help people visualize how the accident occurred and how the defendant was negligent.

  • Timelines

We can provide a road map of the accident, along with an overview of your treatment plan and how your injuries changed your life by summarizing dates and times for important events in the case. This graphical timeline can help judges and juries remember the chronological order of events in your case.