Suffolk, VA Roads and Highways See Dozens of Large Truck Accidents | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

The factories, farms and warehouses of Suffolk, Virginia (VA), put hundreds of large commercial trucks on US 460, US 58, US 13, VA 10, VA 32 and VA 125 every day. In 2006, 99 of those semis, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, tanker trucks, produce trucks and panel trucks wrecked. That means, every 3.6 days, anyone driving or walking along the roads and highways of Suffolk had a real risk of getting injured or killed in a crash caused by a truck.

Suffolk city officials and police recognize the threat of trucking accidents. During 2009, they implemented a program to enforce truck safety regulations for weights and equipment. That program cannot protect city residents and visitors from mistakes or negligence by big rig drivers, however. To realize this, one need only reflect on the incident in which a tractor-trailer driver attempting to turn around on South Quay Road/VA 189 backed his tanker into a pickup truck and killed the driver of that other vehicle.

When tragedies such as that August 2010 fatality occur, the victim’s family canĀ  be so overcome with shock and grief that they find dealing with the trucking company’s insurance agents too much to bear. A lawyer skilled and experienced at holding those responsible for injuring or killing others accountable can help loved ones receive fair compensation for their loss.

Our firm’s attorneys fit that bill, and we welcome anyone harmed in trucking accident to contact our Virginia Beach offices at (757) 460-7776 to discuss their potential case. We cannot promise to accept every client, but we can guarantee that the first discussion will cost you nothing. We also promise that we will only take legal fees from any settlement or verdict we succeed in getting for you in your trucking accident case.

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