Texting While Driving In North Carolina - The New Law | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

nc personal injury lawyers, injured by distracted driverThe Law: In North Carolina, if you’re caught texting while driving,  you could receive a $100 traffic ticket. However, incurring a texting while driving violation will not add points to your drivers license.Although teen drivers are not allowed to use mobile devices while driving in any capacity, those over 18 in North Carolina are still allowed to talk on their cell phone while driving.

Bus drivers are not allowed to use any type of mobile device while on the road. The bus driver cell phone law includes both public school bus drivers and private school bus drivers. Some that oppose the state law wonder how it might be enforced as it is difficult to catch someone texting while driving – and hard to prove it. However, studies are showing that the dangers associated with texting and driving warrant legislative action.

For example, a study that showed that truck drivers are 23 times more likely to crash while texting. In another study, researchers found that teens were 8 times more likely to crash while driving if they often sent text messages while on the road.