With the ever enlarging rate of car fatalities and injuries, new laws have been put into effect by the Virginia (VA) legislature. These new Virginia (VA) laws are to include the following:The mandated age for safety seats, which previously required these seats for any children under the age of 6, has now been raised to the age of 8.Some of Virginia Beach’s stop lights will now have security cameras on at all times to catch red light violators who will be mailed their tickets.Bad driving will now have worse consequences attached. For every major violation, a heavy fine will ensue. Drivers under the influence will receive fines up to a total of $2,250, reckless drivers may receive $1,050 in fines, and suspended license drivers might be charged $750. These fines will be used for Virginia Beach (VA) transportation work.Cell phones will now be illegal in cars by drivers under the age of 18. Penalties are to include heavy fines and/or loss of license.These new laws and more can be found at http://legis.state.va.us/