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It is no uncommon for a person who has been involved in a car accident to suffer from aches and pains in the days following the crash. After all, the significant force of the impact of the smashing vehicles is absorbed by the body. But there are many accidents where the aches and pain are not just minor and instead are an indication of the more serious issue of acute compartment syndrome.

Compartment syndrome is a condition where pressure builds inside the compartments of the muscles. Failure to treat this condition could lead the cut off of blood flow to the area that is affected, causing serious health risks. The most common parts of the body compartment syndrome appear after a crash are the legs, however, it can also develop in the arms, hands, and feet.

Compartment Syndrome Warning Signs

The Virginia personal injury attorneys at our firm always recommend that anyone who has been in a crash – even a minor one – should get checked out by a medical professional to rule out any injuries. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for car crash victims who have no apparent injuries to decide to wait and see how they feel before going to the doctor. This can be dangerous because symptoms of injuries can be delayed and by the time they do begin to appear, the victim could now be facing serious health consequences.


The signs that a victim may be suffering from compartment syndrome include the following:

  • Burning in the injured muscle
  • A decrease in sensation or feeling in the area
  • Extreme pain that cannon be eased even with medication
  • Numbness, tingling, or paralysis in the injured muscle area
  • Pale skin, especially around the injured area
  • Visual bulges in the muscle

Anyone experiencing any of these symptoms should get to the doctor immediately. Failure to obtain a proper diagnose and treatment could lead to the following:

  • High medical bills for treatment of the condition
  • Loss of income while being treated
  • Permanent damage to the injured muscle
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of future income due to the permanent disability
  • Death

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