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 Best NC personal injury lawyersThis month a North Carolina man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after a botched shoulder surgery left him with nerve damage that creates pain in his elbow, wrist, and hand. Unfortunately, undergoing a surgery that fixes one problem but also involves permanent nerve damage is a common form of Carolina medical malpractice. Nerve damage can take place when a surgeon accidentally cuts, damages, mishandles, burns, severs, or injures a nerve. Nerve damage can also take place if blood supply is cut off from the nervous system or part of the nervous system.

Nerve damage can range from mild to extremely serious to deadly. Here are some common symptoms of nerve damage:

•    Chronic pain
•    Paralysis
•    Weakness or muscle atrophy
•    Numbness, tingling, or prickling
•    Sensitivity or burning
•    Lightheadedness
•    Bladder problems
•    Sexual problems
•    Dry mouth and dry eyes
•    Sweating issues (too little or too much)

Nerve damage is almost always permanent and treatments are limited. Because nerve damage has lifelong consequences, many people who suffer nerve damage due to medical negligence face many years of discomfort, lowered quality of life, chronic pain, and ongoing medical needs. In some cases, those who suffer nerve damage during a medical procedure or operation are unable to continue working or have their earning limited due to their medical issues.

If you have suffered nerve damage in the Carolinas because of the carelessness or negligence of a medical professional, call an experienced NC medical malpractice lawyer today.