Gilmerton Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia

As Chesapeake. Virginia personal injury attorneys, we have seen our share of car and truck accidents in Chesapeake from Greenbrier to South Norfolk. A big reason Chesapeake is the site of so many accidents is that the roads and highways are heavily congested on a daily basis due to commuter traffic and tractor-trailer traffic.

Chesapeake is home four draw bridges, the Gilmerton Bridge off of Military Highway, the Great Bridge Bridge, off of Battlefield Boulevard, the High Rise Bridge, off of Interstate-64 and the North Landing Bridge off of Mt Pleasant Road.  These draw bridges result in traffic being backed up and many times stopped, for long periods of time.  There have been several incidences where a distracted driver did not notice that traffic was stopped and rear-ended another car.  This can often lead to chain reaction car crash.

As Chesapeake personal injury attorneys, we know that drivers have a duty to be vigilant and prepared to react to changes in road conditions and traffic flow at all times. If a distracted driver hit your vehicle causing significant damage and serious injuries, consider contacting our team of Chesapeake car accident lawyers. We can help take some of the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on getting back to 100 percent.

Waterways Another Area of Serious Accidents

With so many people in Chesapeake utilizing the water, boating can become dangerous when recreational boat operators have little, or no, training.  There are many people who only enjoy the water on the weekends and they are not adept with all of the Coast Guard rules and regulations.  To make matters worse, it is quite common for alcohol to be consumed while boating. In Chesapeake, drunk boating (like DUI driving) and collisions between boats or boats and jet skis contribute greatly to the number of boating accidents that occur in Virginia each year.  As Chesapeake personal injury lawyers, we have handled cases that involved injuries at the hands of a negligent boat operators.

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