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While many people tend to think of rear-end collisions as minor accidents, the car accident attorneys here at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp know that even a minor crash can result in chronic health issues for a victim. This is especially true in rear-end crashes because of the direction and the impact point of the crash. Speed also plays a factor in the extent of injury damage a victim suffers.




Some of the most common rear-end crash injuries that result in long-term or even permanent pain and debilitation includes:

  • Injury to the Hamstring: Hamstrings are the group of muscles that run along the back of the thighs. Most people are aware of hamstring injuries for athletes or others who play sports or run. However, hamstring injuries are very common in rear-end crashes who often suffer the sudden jerking during impact, as victims often tense up and brace themselves in the seconds before that impact occurs.
  • Sciatica: The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, running from the lower back all the way down the leg. Many rear-end crashes trigger sciatica in the victim. Anyone who has suffered from sciatic pain can attest to the intense discomfort this condition can cause. The pain often radiates across the lower back, down the buttocks, and down the leg. There is often tingling in feet and/or leg numbness that accompanies the pain.
  • Whiplash: When one vehicle slams into the back of another, the victim in the front vehicle often suffers a jerking of the neck and head, similar to the motion a whip makes when cracked. This motion can result in stretching and twisting of the muscles and ligaments in the neck. Victims of whiplash can suffer from back and shoulder pain, headaches, stiffness of muscles, and dizziness. While usually temporary, there are many victims who suffer long-term health issues because of whiplash, including concentration difficulties, memory loss, and nerve damage.

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