What happens if you are involved in a car accident while driving a company car?  Who pays, your insurance or your companies?  Sometimes, cars or trucks involved in a serious accident are registered to or belong to a company. It may be difficult to determine who is responsible to pay for the injuries or deaths that occur as a result of an accident. 

In insurance law, there is a common phrase stating: “the insurance follows the car,” which means that the owner of the car is one party who will usually have liability insurance for an accident caused by the driver of that vehicle.  However, in situations involving company cars, there may be multiple insurance sources- all policies must be obtained and reviewed by an experienced injury lawyer.

If a company requires a driver to carry his own car insurance, but the driver’s car insurance company refuses to pay (which can happen), it may be hard to get the company to accept responsibility and make compensation so whether or not insurance is available is always a baseline question that must be answered.   If the driver was supposedly “off duty” and the insurance company adjuster denies the company has any liability, the situation can wind up in court. This is when a good personal injury attorney can help. They can determine if a lawsuit needs to be filed for claims and damages, and can help those who were involved, or their loved ones, during the difficult days ahead.

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