North Carolina Accident Injury Lawyers Talk About Spotting Drunk Drivers And Keeping Carolina Roads Safe | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Best North Carolina personal injury lawyerRecently, NASCAR driver Al Allmendinger was arrested for drunk driving in Morresville, North Carolina. Also this month, A man who already had a pending DWI charge in North Carolina caused a fatal NC car accident that killed his girlfriend, a mother of three. How can we help prevent these reckless drunk driving accidents and keep those intoxicated drivers off of Carolina roads?

One way that all Carolina drivers can help reduce the number of drunk driving accidents is by keep a close look out for drunk drivers while you are on the road. What are some signs that a person is driving drunk?

· They are driving significantly below the speed limit or significantly above the speed limit.

· They are taking very wide turns.

· They are weaving over the double yellow centerline or straddling lanes.

· They are driving with their headlights off at night.

· They are driving on the wrong side of the road or they are driving on the shoulder.

· They hit an object with their car without stopping, or come close to hitting an object or another car without realizing it.

· They are braking at odd times.

· They are speeding up and slowing down at odd intervals.

· They are driving erratically.

If you spot a suspected drunk driver, call the police or 911 immediately to report the car – you could be saving lives. Even if the driver is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they could be in need of medical assistance and should be off the roads. When you spot a drunk driver, stay far away from the vehicle, make sure you have on your seat belt, and do not attempt to stop the vehicle.