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An Introduction to Suffolk, Virginia from Local Car Accident Injury Lawyers

As Suffolk, Virginia personal injury attorneys, we have seen our share of car and truck accidents in and around the city of Suffolk, from Sleepy Hole to the downtown area. Suffolk is actually the biggest city, by land area, in all of Virginia (though not the most populous; that honor goes to Virginia Beach). As the miles you drive increase so does the chance that you might be involved in a car accident. If you or a loved one are involved in a serious auto accident, consider reaching out to one of our Suffolk car accident lawyers. We don’t charge you a dime for the consultation and you get a Suffolk personal injury attorney who is familiar with the Suffolk court system.

Bridge Tunnel

One way to enter Suffolk is via the Monitor–Merrimac Memorial Bridge–Tunnel (MMMBT). This unique bridge-tunnel hybrid is so extensive, so massive, that it’s one of the planet’s few structures that can be seen from space. Another nice feature, is that the MMMBT is toll-free. The name comes from the fact that the duel between the two Civil War ironclads was fought less than a mile from the where the tunnel is today.”  The MMMBT is an amazing accomplishment in engineering, but it’s also a prime location for serious auto accidents. On a daily basis, you hear on the radio or read in the Virginian-Pilot about a major auto accident that occurred in the bridge-tunnel. When this happens, consider contacting a Suffolk, Virginia personal injury lawyer to determine your legal options.


With the many bike trails in and around Suffolk, Virginia, it’s not uncommon to hear stories of serious bicycle accidents. Whether riding down busy streets near I-664 or quiet streets leading up to the Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, there are plenty of opportunities for bicyclists to run into trouble. Our team of Suffolk bike accident lawyers have handled numerous cases involving bike-car collisions.

Varied Businesses

From farmland to military command centers Suffolk has it all.  The Naval Network Warfare Command, NNWC Global Network Operations Center Detachment, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command and Navy Cyber Forces are all located near the intersection of US 17 and Interstate 664.  With this many employees so close to a major intersect car accidents are bound to happen.  Due to the many industrial businesses in Suffolk, there is an influx of tractor-trailers traveling the roads.  Because of this our personal injury firm has dealt with many truck crashes that involved serious injury.

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