Virginia Beach Circuit Court | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

All accident, injury, and wrongful death lawsuits that our firm’s lawyers file in Virginia Beach, in which we sue for more than $15,000.00 are brought in this courthouse.

2425 Nimmo Parkway
Building 10, 4th Floor
Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9017

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(757) 385-4181

Circuit Court Informational Pamphlet

General Information About The Virginia Beach, VA Circuit Court


  • Hon. Frederick B. Lowe, Presiding Judge, Chief Judge
  • Hon. Edward W. Hanson Jr., Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Stephen C. Mahan, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. William R. O’Brien, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. H. Thomas Padrick Jr., Presiding Judge
  • Hon. A. Bonwill Shockley, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Glen A. Tyler, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Patricia L. West, Presiding Judge
  • Hon. Leslie L. Lilley