NC Brain Injury Attorneys: 12 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor After Suffering A Concussion | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As North Carolina brain injury attorneys we know that concussions and mild head injuries can be scary, painful, and overwhelming. Unlike other injuries, such as broken bones, it can be difficult to tell the extent of the injury – or to know how to best promote healing and rehabilitation.

One key to having a successful head injury recovery is to educate yourself about concussion – and to use resources like your doctor to learn as much as you can about how to help recover from your own concussion.

Before you go to your doctor’s appointment for your concussion, sit down and write out questions that you’ve like to have answered, both to help get better from this injury and to prevent future injuries. Here are just a few ideas:

•    Can you tell how serious my concussion is, and what makes you come to that conclusion?
•    What do my head injury symptoms signify, and do you have an idea of how long they might persist?
•    Are there any restrictions that I should following after the accident?
•    How soon will I be able to return to the following activities (sports, recreation, physical labor, driving, etc.) and can I return at full force?
•    Should I be looking out for any specific symptoms in the future that may signify a problem or issue?
•    Should I return to school or work? When do you think I should return?
•    Do you think I will suffer any long-term consequences from my head injury?
•    Will getting a concussion in the future be easier? Will getting a concussion in the future be more dangerous?
•    What are my options for treatment, and which options do you recommend?
•    Do I need any further appointments or further testing?

Don’t hesitate to ask embarrassing or personal questions – and don’t forget to write down your doctor’s answers! Remember that if you forget to ask something, you can always call your doctor’s office for advice down the road.



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