Electric Shock Injuries: Survivors Stories and the Virginia Lawyers Who Helped Them Recover | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

It’s no secret that electrical shock from either power lines or an electrical appliance is bad.  But most people don’t have any idea of just how bad it can be.  According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 3,000 people go to emergency rooms each year suffering from electrical burns.  What type of injuries can be sustained from an electric shock injury?  The worst injury is death and during a recent three-year period, there were about sixty 60 electrocution fatalities per year associated with consumer products.  These injuries can be catastrophic, here is part of an electrical shock injury survivor’s story:

Curt was working on a farm and climbed a power pole.  He got perilously close to a 36,000-volt power line. The electric shock stopped his heart, and his lifeless body plummeted to the ground. Fortunately, the impact of the fall started his heart beating once again.  But Curt was so badly burned that doctors were forced to amputate both legs above the knee. Before the accident, he had been a 6’7″ tall athlete with dreams of playing professional basketball. After five months in the hospital and two months of rehabilitation he had to give up that dream.


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The pain and suffering for electric shock victims does not stop after the physical wounds have healed.  Doctors are now beginning to realize the long term effects of electric shock injuries can be varied, delayed, misunderstood and are certainly real including long term cognitive and emotional problems.  That is why it is important for electric shock survivors and their families to select and retain the most qualified attorney to represent them in their legal case.

Our Virginia (VA) law firm is experienced in electrical shock injuries and has the results to back it up.  We represented a commercial pilot who was permanently disabled by an electrical shock injury suffered in a Virginia hotel room.  The aftereffects of the electrocution that our client suffered included blurry vision, fatigue, loss of coordination and an inability to continue in his chosen profession as a pilot. But thanks to the hard work of our attorneys he received $1.5 million in a settlement with the hotel’s owner.