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Researchers at the University of Virginia have conducted and published a new study that found women are significantly more likely to suffer serious injury in car accidents than men. Traffic safety advocates believe that this is because most automobiles and vehicle safety features are designed with the size, weight, and body shape of men in mind.

Why women are more at risk for car accident injury

Specifically, the Virginia car accident study found that women are 47 percent more likely to sustain a serious car accident injury than men. Published in the most recent issue of the American Journal of Public Health, the study examined car crash data between 1998 and 2008, including the injuries suffered by both males and females involved in the accidents. Researchers discovered that because of the design of airbags, seats, and even seat belts, women were more likely to be injured. However, some study critics point out that researchers were likely analyzing data from cars dating back to the 70’s or 80’s, when safety features were much more rudimentary than they are today.

Other car accident safety facts

Interestingly, while women are more likely to suffer serious injuries in Virginia car accidents, men are still significantly more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident. This may be because men take more risks while driving and are more likely to speed. In addition, women are more likely to be involved in certain types of car accidents, such as T junctions and crossroads, while men are more likely to be involved in accidents involving speeding and drunk driving.

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